Anne Lyle

Anne Lyle

Education Therapy Coordinator
Certificate of Education
Bachelor of Education
Master of Education (Psychology and Special Education)
Diploma Specific Learning Difficulties, Royal Society Arts
United Kingdom


Anne has many years of experience teaching in mainstream schools, small classes and in one to one situations, both in UK and more recently in Singapore. She specialises in supporting students with general and specific difficulties in the areas of Literacy (all ages) and Mathematics (primary school level).

She has had great success with mentoring and developing Study Skills for older students who require support with organisation of course work, assignments and deadlines. She is qualified to conduct the Cognitive and Achievement Assessments which inform planning for teaching and therapy, showing the learning profile for the individual student.

Anne’s approach is based on current scientific thinking on the brain’s ability to change and adapt to experiences and training (neuroplasticity). This is facilitated by the development of the cognitive processes through individual programs to support the Auditory, Visual, Attention and Memory skills so essential for learning, along with structured teaching of Reading, Phonics, Spelling, Writing and Math skills as appropriate to the individual. Anne has been invited to share her experience through lecturing to adult education students in Singapore and to Education Professionals at International Conference.

Anne believes that students can be motivated through success, increased confidence and enjoyment in learning and that parents can help by participating in fun brain training activities between sessions. She recognises the importance of forging trusting relationships and helping students to cope with the pressures of education today by building sound foundations for present and future learning.


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