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Mrs Anna, Singapore

Our son has attended weekly sessions with Dynamics for the last two years and he has made significant progress. Dynamics are professional and easy to work with. We have recommended Dynamics to our friends.

Uploaded on: 12 October 2015, Monday

Mrs Chin, Singapore

Our kid has very short attention span and he was not able to concentrate and was always on the move during lesson time. We see improvements with our kid during his time with DLC. He is able to listen to instructions and complete his task without much prompt now. He also understands that he needs to be seated down during lesson.

We have chosen DLC because their School Readiness Program fits our needs. We needed a program that could help our kid and prepare him for mainstream Primary School. We were also looking for a school that have flexi days program because our kid is also attending a mainstream school. DLC has a flexible and yet structured program which we like too.

Apart from the school, the teachers were a great success factor to my kid’s improvement. They are very patient and always put our children’s development and interest as their priority. I would recommend DLC to my friends as they are a school with open minded and have well interest in helping our children.

Lastly, I would express my sincere thanks to all teachers and staff in DLC.

Uploaded on: 1 October 2015, Thursday

Mrs Tudmael Huvet, Singapore

My child was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. His difficulties were: trouble focusing on a task, trouble with comprehension and expression, difficulties with holding a pencil, and also not very social with his peers.

I was looking for a school that would take into consideration my son’s difficulties due to his SPD condition and help him cope with it while teaching him the classic academics as well.

Now, he is able to focus for a longer time a finish a task without reminders. He is more talkative, finds it easier to connect with his peers and new faces as well. He is also more cooperative and has started to take pleasure in drawing and writing. Generally, he seems happier!

We would definitely recommend this place for a parent that looking for a learning centre for a kid with special needs. We always felt welcome and always have a good relationship with the team. We also liked that we received weekly feedback reports. It was nice to know more in details what our son was doing in class and in therapy.

As a general comment, we were very happy to found your center and we are sure it really helped Tudmael in a lot of ways, not only in the area of academics, but also his socials skills.

He told me this other day, that I did not have to worry. He was okay to have to take the bus to go to his new school and he will be happy there. For a child that did not like change, it was a BIG step for me to hear him saying this!

Thank you!

Uploaded on: 16 August 2015, Sunday

Mrs Suzanne Bailey, Singapore

I chose to send my child to DLC as it appeared to be a professional and clean school. It also has programs which accommodated for and understood Jordan’s needs.

I find that the structure and content of the program at DLC is great for Jordan. It is easy for him to follow the daily routines.

The initial concerns I have for my child is that he is not talking. He also does not socialize with others well and gets frustrated easily.

Jordan seems to be a lot calmer since going to DLC and progressing well. He is learning lots of new things which are relevant to him. He is also starting to say more sounds and the beginnings of more words.

I will recommend DLC as a well-organized and professional school. The staff at DLC cares about the children and tries their best to make the school a friendly and family-orientated environment.


Uploaded on:12 August 2015, Wednesday

Mrs Cheryl Barton, Singapore

My son has severe autism and left on his own, he tends to engage in self-stimulatory behaviours for long periods of time. My main goal in sending him to a structured program is to reduce the amount of time he has available for such unproductive behaviours. Although it is difficult to eliminate these behaviours entirely, it is possible to reduce them to a great extent by keeping him engaged in activities that are challenging for him, but not so difficult that he is overloaded to the point of non-compliance. DLC provides a variety of activities, including some 1:1 teaching time, that keep my son engaged in learning and structured social activities.

I choose to send Trevor to Dynamics Learning Centre because I like the flexibility of choosing between part-time of full-time schedule. I also like that the fees are affordable compared to some other programs and that there are low teacher-to-student ratios.

I also felt comfortable choosing Dynamics because I had already been a client of the Speech Therapy program for 2 years. When I sat in on sessions in the school for the first couple of weeks, I felt that the staff were responsible, caring and responsive to parent concerns.

I like the structured program with a variety of activities, including social interaction with other children. I like that the teachers consult with parents during Parent-Teacher Conferencing to determine goals to work toward with the children. I like the fact that each child has an IEP to work toward goals that are tailored for their specific needs.

It is difficult to separate his progress at DLC from his 1:1 ABA program and speech therapy program, but I observe that Trevor enjoys the school program at DLC. I often notice him singing or humming at home some of the songs that he learns in circle time at DLC. The expressive and receptive speech activities and the social activities that he engages in at DLC are useful for developing his overall communication and social skills.

I am happy to report to anyone who asks that the DLC program is beneficial for my son. He enjoys his time there and I am happy for him to be involved in structured activities in a supportive environment. I also like that DLC is willing to enroll my son who is 9 years old, clearly older than the age of kids expected to be in this school readiness program.

I find that the staff at DLC are friendly and supportive for kids and parents. I found the staff accepting of my parental concern to attend sessions for the first couple of weeks so that I could make sure that my son’s special needs were being met. I very quickly felt comfortable leaving my mainly non-verbal, high needs child with the staff at DLC.

Uploaded on: 24 July 2015, Wednesday

Mrs Sabrina Martin, Singapore

I find that in DLC, I can get a complete care of different expertise (primarily OT and ST) in a small group setting, which is ideal for my child’s needs as she is diagnosed with mild ASD. I am also concerned about her language ability and her lack of social interaction.

At DLC, I get a well-rounded school program with good support from the teachers who I find helpful and friendly. The curriculum is also quite similar to mainstream school, except at a much slower pace.

After attending DLC, I notice that her speech and eye contact has improved and she is now a little more willing to socialize.

Uploaded on: 5 June 2015, Friday

Mr Maurio Orias, Singapore

We are a family of “global villagers” - we left our home country when Cristina was strong enough to travel all the way to Asia. She was one year old and just recovering from her extreme premature condition and has Cerebral Palsy. Our concern was finding a suitable school and therapy centre for her.

During our short staying in Singapore, and after seeking advice from some doctors and browsing the Internet, we discovered DLC. Admission was simple, as are most of the processes in this Island-Country.

I am impressed by the professionalism and human value of the staff. It was the first time that a school takes care of Cristina without my wife staying there to support her in the class. It was also the first time that my wife got a little bit of independence! Of course it was difficult for her to separate from her little princess, but Cristina seemed not to mind it too much.

Cristina is showing impressive progress during a short span of 3 months. She interacts with us more and is starting to express her needs and feelings. Her fine motor skills are also getting better.

Cristina is almost 5 years old, she has CP and the contribution of DLC in the continuous pursue of her independence and happiness is greatly appreciated.

Best regards, Mauricio, Cecilia, Cristina and Adriana

Uploaded on: 25 May 2015, Monday

Mrs Joyce Tok, Singapore

It has been a rather apprehensive journey for us when we first discover that our son has ASD. While it confirmed the reason why he could not really fit in the mainstream school and was often misunderstood as “anti-socia”, it flooded us with a sense of “lost”- “Now what??”

With a lot of questions in our mind about how we should proceed, we headed out in search of resources and programmes in hope that something would suit our son and help him out with the right intervention needed.

We called and visited a number of therapy centres... We were resolute to find a warm and conducive place that would receive and accept our son for who he was (with all his limitations and “peculiarity”) and yet has e enough resources and HEART to help him move forward on this long journey... and not a place that would look down on him or a temporary shelter since he can’t fit in anywhere”.

We found all of that in Dynamics Learning Centre. The place was inviting, and clean. The procedure in enrolling into the school was clear and smooth, but more than that, the staffs were friendly and made every effort to help our son settle in the new environment. In fact, we noticed from the start how the teachers in the school made each child feel welcome and valued.

What we really liked about the School Readiness program is that he has an individual educational plan that was customized to where he was at and reasonably projected to what he could accomplish in a small-ratio class. (to be reviewed every 6 months) Also, being unable to verbalize what he has done in school, it is really helpful to hear from his teacher on a daily basis as well as to get a written feedback on a weekly basis on his progress and improvements.

In the past few months of his time at Dynamics, we have seen him improve tremendously and open up to us. The teacher has been able to help him with the areas of concerns that we have highlighted. Now, he has more confidence in attempting new things, skills and is also more aware of his surroundings.

We really feel glad we have chosen Dynamics to partner us help our son. It is the joy of a secure environment that he is now able to face the challenges ahead enthusiastically with a “I can do it” smile.

Thank you!

Uploaded on: 2015

Mrs Lena Tan, Singapore

I like that DLC has a conducive environment for learning. The lessons are designed according to the individual child’s pace and ability. The classrooms were clean and organized.

Our initial concern for our child was that he could not adapt and learn well in a mainstream setting. After attending DLC, we noticed that he was able to sit well and do writing and counting. I think that the very warm and dedicated teachers at DLC played a big role in helping our child achieve that.

Uploaded on: 2015

Nazrina and Iswady Osman (Mum & Dad), Singapore

Muhammad Iman was born on the 14th July 2007 and he was our only son as in current time. Iman grows normally like any other children. He was a happy and a jovial child. He was enrolled in a mainstream kindergarten when he was 18 months old. He was active and was enjoying his early childhood like any other toddler.

In 2011, while Iman was in Nursery level, we received feedback from his form teacher stating that he tends to withdraw himself from group activities such as storytelling, music and physical education lessons. His inability to respond when called upon by his teacher was alarming. We did not suspect anything until Iman had his assessment in a Polyclinic when he was 4 yeard old. The doctor at the polyclinic was not able to confirm Iman’s condition and he was referred to KKH Child Development Unit for further assessment. It was a worrying sign for us and our initial suspicion was that he might hav AUTISM!

Our son was assessed by the doctor at KKH and the outcome was that he was suspected to be autistic. We are worried about his condition and future. Many questions come into our mind at that point of time. Why Iman? Will his current school able to accept him? What can we do as parents to help him?

Then, our worries became a reality. Iman’s current pre- school at that point of time, informed us 2 weeks before school re-opens that they were unable to accept Iman citing that they did not have the capabilities to handle children like him. That was a big blow to us. Which institution can accept last minute enrolment? Our main concern was his education. Is there any mainstream school that can and will accept Iman with his current condition?

For the next 3 weeks, we called various institutions to enquire whether they can accept Iman to continue his K1 education with his current condition. To our dismay, we were rejected with the same reason given by ImanÍs previous pre-school. That was really a disheartening moment in our life. We vowed that Iman will get his education at all costs.

We did research on private institutions that may be able to help Iman. We came across with Dynamic Learning Centre through the Internet. We called and scheduled an appointment with Ms Inna.

During our initial interview, Inna was very friendly and professional with her advice regarding our son’s condition. She gave us valuable advice and assured us that Dynamic Learning Centre is the right place for Iman. We then made an appointment with a psychologist Ms Sanveen.

Upon completion of the diagnosis on Iman, he is confirmed to have mild ASD. We decided to enroll Iman with DLC Centre for his Intervention programs. He was also enrolled going for Speech Therapy with Ms Tori and Occupational Therapy with Ms Michelle.

Inna was absolutely right. DLC was a perfect centre for Iman’s early intervention program. In just 2 weeks of therapies and intervention, he already showed tremendous improvement. He was more verbal and the most important part, able to listen to instructions.

Iman was enrolled in School Readiness Program since February 2012 and continues to show tremendous improvement. His latest achievement was the ability to initiate play by inviting his peers to play with him. DLC certainly played a good role in shaping Iman’s development.

We would like to express our gratefulness to all the staffs at DLC. We like to thank Ms Inna for her confidence in Iman’s potential and ability. We also like to thank Ms Yael and Ms Sanveen for assessing Iman professionally with care and sincerity. We like to thank all the teachers such as Ms Elaine, Ms Samantha, Ms Tori, Ms Michelle and those who are involved in teaching Iman at DLC. We also take this opportunity to thank all Admin staffs. We will definitely recommend DLC to any of our relatives or friends who faced the same problem as we are. DLC serves with pride and sincerity. That really matter to us.

From 2013 onwards, Iman will continue his K2 level at a mainstream kindergarten near our home. However, he will still continue to receive his Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy at DLC. We had the option to send Iman to a government centre but we trust DLC. In Dynamic Learning Centre We Trust!

Best Regards and Wishes
Muhammad Iman and Family

Uploaded on: 2015


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