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At Edunamics we believe that every child is capable of learning and excelling with the right kind of teaching strategies. In many cases, students have not been able to avail support provided in the past, so we are committed to finding an approach that works for the individual depending on the learning profile.

Therefore it is important that the personal plan and teaching strategies are based on identification of the learning profile and base lining of current achievements.

  • The experts at Edunamics will provide your child with an individualised program to help with learning related difficulties.
  • Highly qualified and experienced staff dedicated to helping students achieve their potential, regain confidence and regain enjoyment for learning.
  • Initial consultation with an Education Coordinator who has a wealth of experience and the highest qualifications in specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia.
  • The option of a “stand alone” standardised Education Assessment from a professional who is qualified in a particular area, with a verbal feedback included. This report is an ideal basis for any school, teacher or therapist to design a program based on the student’s needs and learning profile.
  • Advice on the need for formal standardised or informal assessment in order to identify any learning gaps in foundation skills which require support.
  • Individualised instruction which develops the cognitive processes involved in learning such as attention, auditory, visual, memory skills and speed of processing.
  • Structured academic teaching programs to improve Literacy, Mathematics, and Study Skills.
  • Teaching that utilises multi-sensory age appropriate techniques for optimal learning.
  • Regular consultation with parents and other involved professionals, guaranteeing a shared approach to learning, including advice on home based activities to optimise progress.
  • Access to the expertise of the full range of Dynamics professionals when the student needs input for Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Psychology, Social Skills and Counselling.
  • Provide support for homeschooled children.

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